Why Fencing

Fencing has a long traditional history as an Olympic Sport. It was one of only 9 sports featured in the first modern Olympic in 1896. Fencing is a great way to incorporate multidimensional exercise into your life. It enables students to build muscle while burning calories. The sport naturally helps to develop greater hand-eye coordination, balance, and emotional control. It promotes self- confidence, self-discipline, and enhanced decision-making skills. Success in fencing depends on one’s ability to overcome their opponent both physically and mentally. A good fencer learns to be extremely observant. They are taught to recognize patterns in their opponent’s tactics. This is the reason that fencing is often called “Physical Chess”. It is a romanticized, unique, quick, and very exciting sport! Fencing is also considered an extremely safe sport and is recognized as having one of the lowest injury rates among all Olympic Sport Competitions. For the committed fencer, the sport is NCAA recognized with recruitment opportunities available from many of the nation’s top universities.

Why Fence at Star Fencing Academy

Fencing coaches are the critical component of a successful fencing club. Coaches should be experts in the weapon they’re teaching and knowledgeable in a logical progression of skills that serve to meet the needs of each of their individual fencers. A coach’s ability to establish a strong rapport with students and to share their love and passion for the sport is equally important.

Head Coach Kai Zhao and Master Coach Shuang Meng are true testaments to everything great fencing coaches should be. Both received years of training at the highest International levels and are successful and well-established athletes in their own right. As coaches the pair have combined their expertise to create an unmatched training program for students that reinforces teamwork while inspiring personal growth both on and off the fencing piste. Their professional and organized approach fosters a rewarding and respectful experience for students and their families. Head Coach Kai’s capability as a strip coach to guide his students can only be described as pure magic, often completely reversing a bout from a loss to a win. This skill comes from the depth of the relationships all the coaches at SFA have with their students and it is why their athletes continue to rank among the top foil fencers both Nationally and Internationally.

Why we are the best

SFA have World- class coaches with outstanding nation and international results, focus on improving technical, tactical skills and mental attitude.

SFA has 5000 SQ Ft brand new art facility.

SFA has 12 world class fencing electric metal strips

SFA has lots of seating space and Wi-Fi hotspot for parents

SFA has air conditioning, always warm in winter and cold in summer.

SFA has plenty of parking space in front of facility

SFA has nice and helpful staff

SFA offer strip coaching at local, regional, national and international tournaments

SFA has in-house tournaments

Equipments free for beginner fencers

Great team work, welcoming, supportive, kids and parents make new friends very soon, positive, everyone is friendly, hard working, and always cheering for each other, our fencers call club as their second home

SFA has armoring services.

Star Fencing Academy is recruiting new fencers

A free introduction to foil fencing, this special class is a great opportunity for your child to exprience the sport of fencing.

Appointments are required, please email or call us to learn more details

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