MA, United States

330 Reservoir St, Needham

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Opening Hours

Monday—Friday 2pm-9pm
Saturday 10am—5pm
Sunday 10am—12pm

Point of interest nearby

Nearest Chinese restaurant
Jean and Lee 珠媽廚房in Newton (3min, 1 mile)
Mandarin cuisine in Needham (5min)

Fast food
McDonald’s, Chipotle, 5 guys on Needham St in Newton (5-7 min)

Closest restaurants
Panellas in Needham (1 min walking )
Brothers Pizza (1min, closest)
Echo Bridge Restaurant (2min)
Tons of restaurants on Needham St, Newton (5-7 min) and in Needham (5-10min)

Starbucks on Needham St, Newton (5min) and Highland Ave, Needham (5min)
Dunkin’ On Needham St, Newton (6min), Highland Ave, Needham (7min)

Stop and Shop on Needham St, Needham (5min)
Trader Joe’s and Sudbury farm in Needham (5min)
Whole Foods on Walnut St in Newton (8min) you n Wellesley (10min)
Costco in Waltham (15min) and Dedham (15min)

Shopping mall
Needham St, Newton (5min), tons of stores

Hiking trail Hemlock Gorge and Echo Bridge (0.5 mile)
Upper Falls greenway (1mile)

Mills field
(0.8mile)-basketball, baseball and tennis (permit required for tennis)
Upper Falls playground(0.8mile)- basketball, soccer, tennis