Is it fencing safe?
Modern fencing is an extremely safe sport. At Star Fencing Academy, protective equipment and close supervision create a safe and fun atmosphere.

How do I enroll for a class?
You can contact club by phone at 781-375-7804 or email at to register.

When do I enroll?
SFA fencing classes is ongoing, Start anytime!

What should I wear to the class?
Sneakers, please bing a pair of indoor shoes, tennis or running shoes are recommended. Gym pants , T-shirt, water bottle.

What equipments do I need?
SFA provide equipments for beginners.

How much does it cost?
Class start at $145 per month. Please contact club manager for more details.

Where can I purchase the equipments?
At SFA, you tell us what you need, we placing an order for you, our experience coaches measure you up, and try to find you best fit.

Is there a minimum age requirement?
Children can start as young as 6 years old. Most of kids like fencing because it is a SWORD GAME!