Star Fencing Academy Programs description, Fees and schedule

Star Fencing academy offer classes from beginner to advance level. SFA coach team consists of three regular coaches. The head coaches, Kai and Shuang have coached students from beginners to A-rated fencers, including National Y10 Men’s Foil Champion, National Y12 Men’s Foil Champion, National Y14 Men’s Foil Champion, National Y10 Women’s Silver medalist, ranking number 1 at National point list, National Junior Men’s Foil Champion, National Senior Men’s Foil Champion. Since Kai and Shuang moved to Boston in 2010, their students won over 60 North American Cup Medals and numerous International Competition medals. The solid coaching team allows sufficient attention during practices and competition.

Fencing for fun, stay in shape, join competition, fencing competitively, develop self-confidence, appealing to colleges, making the NCAA, to the Olympic and Beyond!
 Finial, of course, if you ask any fencer, they’ll tell you: Fencing it’s fun!

Star Fencing Academy is a professional fencing club, we are under the auspices of the USA Fencing Association. USFA Membership is required for all programs.
We offer a FREE CLASS, please contact us: or call us :(781)375 7804 for more information, our professional coach will answer your all questions about FENCING

Learn To Fence Class ( LTF )

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– $165.00/month – one 90 minute class/week.

This program focus on laying a solid foundation on the basics of fencing, including footwork and basic weapon handling. The goal is to maximally build fencing footwork and weapon handling into muscle reflex. Beginners typically join the group lessons once a week for about 4 months. (Class size is limited to 15 students per coach.) Once students’ footwork and weapon mastery is solidly established, the coach will move the students to the intermediate group.

Tuesday 4:30pm-5:30pm
Saturday 10am-11am

Intermediate Class

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– $195.00/month – two 90 minutes classes/week.

The Intermediate’s Program focus on building the foundation and applying basic tactics in real bouts. 1) The intermediate group have group classes twice a week to continue to strengthen foot work and weapon handling. 2) Coaches will give private lessons to students on basic attacks and defenses once a week. (Private lesson is highly recommended because individualized attention is needed to ensure students carry out the actions correctly. ) 3) Class also include opportunities for students to pair up and do real bouts under coaches’ guidance. Students may spend about 6-8 months in the intermediate group. Once students have demonstrated good mastery of basic attacks and defenses during practice bout, coaches will move the students to the Youth Competitive Program, starting by having the students participate in Youth Competitive Programs practice on selected days.

Tuesday 5:30pm-7pm
Thursday 5:30pm-7pm
Saturday 11-12:30pm

Youth Competitive Class

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– $275.00/month – three 90 minutes classes/week, including Friday night open fencing (optional)

The Youth Competitive Program will focus on teaching students apply proper techniques and strategies in fencing competition. 1) Coaches or experienced referees will teach students and parents about foil fencing rules. 2) Coaches will introduce students to more sophisticated tactics and strategies while continue strengthening basics in private lessons. 3) Students are expected to attend classes. 4) Unless approved by coaches, students are expected to participate in at least one major national event (e.g. NAC) and four minor national and regional events. Selected Youth Competitive students, typically students receiving good results in national events (NACs, SYCs) will participate in Advanced Competitive practice on designated days. Students will be eligible to move to Competitive Programs when they have obtained good results (NACs, SYC, RYC). Students will start earning rankings and be on the US Fencing National Point List.

Monday 7-8:30
Wednesday 7-8:30
Saturday 1-2:30

Competitive Advanced Class

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– $395.00/month – three, 2-hour classes/week, including Friday night open fencing (optional)

The Advanced Competitive Program will focus on teaching students proficiently apply fencing tactics and strategies in competition to excel in national and international fencing competition. 1) Students are expected to participate in practices at least three times a week; 2) Coaches will give two private lessons to students weekly to ensure accelerated learning and timely tactics adjustment; 3) Unless approved by coaches, students are expected to participate in at least one major national event (e.g. NAC) and four minor national and regional events. Fencers goals might winning a National Championship, Compete at NCAA or making US Fencing National Team.

Tuesday 7pm-9pm
Thursday 7pm-9pm
Saturday 2:30pm-4:30pm

Adults Class

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– $145.00/ month – one 60 minute class per week.

Learn the attacks and defense of modern Fencing! This class will prepare all attendees for competitive bouting with an emphasis on fun and fitness. Both fencing and interval strength training have even shown to have a positive impact on fitness.

Members Only

Free open fencing, fencer can sign up private lessons with SFA coaches, and allowed to represent Star Fencing Academy compete at tournaments.

Private Lesson

— $50 per 20 minutes for SFA members
- $80 per 20 minutes for non members

Annual club membership fee is required for the programs above Learn To Fencing level: $300/individual, $200/ additional family member. The club membership fee includes free open fencing, club patch, club representation, free use club equipments, club discount for equipment purchase.

Classes schedule

Important COVID-19 Information

All Star Fencing Academy programs (classes, private lessons and other activities) are conducted in strict compliance and in full accordance with Mass COVID-19 Public Health Guidance and Directives.

1. Temperature checks for students, coaches, parents and anyone else that entering to the club.

2. Coaches will wipe down all used reels, Chairs and any public equipments after each class.

3. All fencers must bring your own water bottle labeled with your name.

4. If any member of your family travels outside of the Massachusetts, the family must let SFA staff know and self-isolate the fencer for 2 weeks or bring a negative test.

5. Doors and Windows are opened for increase ventilation, bring as much as fresh air.

6. SFA provide hand sanitizing at each entrance and exit. Everyone must sanitize their hands upon entering and exiting the club. Please wash your hand frequently.

7. Between each class, SFA staff will cleaning door handles, bathrooms, table, and chairs.

8. No food or snack is allowed to bring inside of fencing facility.

9. Everyone should maintain 6 feet distance, coaches will reminder students keep social distance.

10. Everyone MUST wear face mask in the club at all time. No exception.

11. No outside shoes is allowed on the fencing strip.

12. Do not shake hands, high five or touch anyone.

13. Zoom Classes will continue until further notice.

14. If you or anyone in your family feels sick, please let SFA staff know, and stay at home.

15. Parents, please help your kid(s) clean their equipments after each time use.